TIL: Some git stuff I'd been putting off

I’ve been using git for years now, but ironically enough I’ve never done anything with branching. For whatever reason the idea of creating branches has scared me, so I just never got around to learning how to use them. Turns out that they’re super easy to use, and very useful.

Basic stuff

  • git init will create an empty git repo
  • Git does not store multiple versions of the code
  • Initial commit will create the master branch

git log

  • Shows the git commit history
  • HEAD will follow the latest commit

Checkout to specific commit

  • git checkout <commitId>
  • Can’t add/commit after checked out. Commit does not match branch

Switch back to master

git master git checkout master

Jumping back to Commit

  • git reset --hard <commitID>

Backout unsaved changes

  • git checkout -- <filename>

Display all branches

  • git branch

Creating new branch

  • git checkout -b <branch_name>
  • Sets HEAD against new branch and master

Merge back to master

  • Change back to master branch first
  • git merge <branch_name>

Deleting a branch

  • git branch -D <branch_name>