TIL: Starting with React, Part 2

More work on my React corse today. Made it through the begining section that covered the rest of the basics and even completed my first react project assignment, ~wooo. Today I’m just going to cover the rest of the notes that I took during the lessons today.

Handler Functions

  • Use the label Handler to note handler methods inside of components
  • DO NOT use () for method calls, just pass reference
  • Supported events: https://reactjs.org/docs/events.html#supported-events
  • If state or props changes, react will check to see if something would change on DOM, and update to reflect those changes.
    • These are the only two things that can be used to cause an update on the page
  • State should only be updated in select components (containers). The rest of the smaller components should NOT change the state.

Method References between Components

  • You can pass in a method of one component to another using props
  • Can use bind to pass in a parameter to a method
  • Can also use a function call to do the update
    • Can affect performance, bind is recommended.