TIL: Google Search Console

After moving my site over last week, I noticed that it wasn’t actually showing up in any google results. So I started looking around for a reason why this might me. My searches taught me that there’s Google Search Console for domain owners for managing how their content shows up in Google searches.

THe console allows you to add all of your domains, assuming that you are the owner of them. You need to provide some form of proof that you’re the owner, unless you are claiming something that’s related to your login. In my case, I assume because my domains were purchased with my account, they were automatically confirmed.

From within the consolle you have the ability to view how your site is discovered by google. This includes tool like verifying that Google is able to find your robots.txt file and make sure that your sitemap file is being found and read.

In my case, it’s still too early for all of these stats to start showing up, and the site is telling me to come back later to check. I’ll be following back up with it again next month after things have settled down.