TIL: The correct way of adding text to an element

My work with javascript over the last two days has led me to finally learning how to manipulate the DOM with javascript on the client side. I think my entire last project was all server side rendered, so I didn’t have to worry about any of that kind of stuff. But now that my ute-visor project relies on updating the page based on passed data through the socket, I’m having to finally learn it.

Today I learned that there’s a more correct way of adding text to a found element rather than just setting the innerHTML to a value. Evidently doing things that way leads yourself to potential security risks.

So to avoid those potential issues, the correct way of doing it is as follows:

var span = document.getElementById(server + '-status');
var txt = document.createTextNode('RUNNING');

This will create a new text node and add it to the selected element.