TIL: From Unity To C#

Just spent nearly 7.5 hours driving back home in the rain, more than a little fried for the day. A friend of mine from work today had mentioned she’d been looking at starting a Unity project a while back, which got me asking the question “What language does Unity use?”

Turns out there’s pretty much two options: C# and “Unity Script”. C# is far and away the most common language that’s used, making up nearly 80% of what’s done (or so says their website). Evidently Unity Script is just javascript with some tweaks made to it for marketing reasons.

I have no experience working with C#, so that got me wondering what all is involved to start working with C# over on a Mac. I knew that it was a Windows language, but surely it could be used over on Mac.

And of course, it can. Mono, which I learned about earlier this week with regards to .NET, can also be used on mac for compiling C# code. So, simply by getting a plugin for VSCode and downloading Mono, a Mac can be up and running for C# dev work.

This article talks a bit about the process of getting setup, but it all seems pretty straight foward.

From my brief time looking over C# this evening it seems very similar to Java, and I don’t know if I really want to jump into that. I mean… I probably should. And it wouldn’t hurt to get that experience…

Maybe in little chunks.