Zach Cochran
by Zach Cochran
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I’ve come down with some kind of cold today, not really able to focus like I wanted to this morning. Very short lesson session before heading to lie down. Today was starting with single element selectors, more super basic stuff dealing with DOM items.

// Single Element Selectors
// Will only grab the firt instance of an item found if multiple exist
// Multiple Element Splectors will returns collections of items found

// document.getElementById() - selects an element by its id tag
let val;
val = document.getElementById('task-title');

// Get things from a found element
console.log(; // get id of element
console.log(val.textContent); // Get the text of the tag

// Change styling - anything you can do with css, you can do here
// You'd still do your styling in css though, don't use this = 'red'; // change background color = 'green'; // change text color = '5px'; // increasing padding of element
// = 'none'; // hide an item

// Change content
val.textContent = 'Task List';
val.innerText = 'My Tasks';
val.innerHTML = '<span style="color:blue">Task List</span>';

let val2 = document.querySelector('#task-title');

document.querySelector('li').style.color = 'red';
document.querySelector('li:last-child').style.color = 'red';
document.querySelector('li:nth-child(3)').style.color = 'yellow';
document.querySelector('li:nth-child(4)').textContent = 'yellow';
document.querySelector('li:nth-child(odd)').style.background = 'pink';
document.querySelector('li:nth-child(even)').style.background = 'green';