Zach Cochran
by Zach Cochran
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Today’s lessons were pretty bad. Very frustrated with the class that I’ve been taking. Reached the halfway point where I’m ready to just drop it as I don’t feel like it’s really providing me anymore. Feel like I’m still having to google for answers on basic things WITHIN the course itself.

Case in point, today I we covered sorting. But the sorting we covered only dealt with assuming that all records start with a capitalized letter. But what happens if you have a mix of cases on your key?

Well, turns out that sort is case sensitive. Meaning that if you have users [Al, andy, Bob], the records would be returned as [Al, Bob, andy] when sorted.

The way to fix this is to use the coallation method to tell mongo how to treat all of the strings it’s using to key off of. So this ends up looking something like this:

it('can skip and limit the result set', (done) => {
       .collation({locale: 'en'})
       .sort({name: 1})
       .then((users) => {
           assert(users.length == 2);
           assert(users[0].name == 'Joe');
           assert(users[1].name == 'Maria');

Using the list form before, this will put things in the expected order of [andy, Al, Bob].