TIL: Using Symbolic Links with Node

Today I had a request to make some of my log files accessible via the server that I was running. Log files for my test application are getting written in one place, so I needed some way to get them to the public folder in express where they would be accessible. In order to do this, I created symbolic links to the log files within the public folder.

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TIL: Creating AMIs and Other AWS Stuff

I spent some time this afternoon at work doing some reading and playing around with AWS. I had heard of AMI’s mentioned before in the documentation, and knew they could be used to create some sort of image, but that’s where my knowledge stopped on the matter. So I took the time to investigate and see what I could find out.


AMI’s are essentially images of the core system that you can save off and use to generate a new instance. I don’t know if this is a good comparison or not, but it’s kind of like creating your own packaged distribution. You can start with one of the base AMI’s offered through amazon (amazon linux, RHEL, Ubuntu, etc), install any additional packages/tools/applications, and then create your own personal AMI based off of that installation.

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TIL: Safe Cloning in JS

While working more on my React lessons tonight, I learned a helpful hint for ensuring that a new copy of an object gets created rather than just creating a new reference to the original object.

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TIL: Intro to GraphQL

I spent a bit of time today reading up on GraphQL. One of the developers I work with had mentioned it a while back, and I’ve been curious to learn more about it.

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TIL: Learning Python Pandas, Part 3

Another long day of work today so I didn’t have any time to work on my React lessons or really do much of anything at all… That said I did get my log analyzer written using the pandas info I’d learned over the last few days, and one extra thing I had to do today was writing to a csv file.

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TIL: Learning Python Pandas, Part 2

I really needed the rest of this information filled out before I went into work this morning, so here’s some corrections to last nights blog post as well as a few more answers to questions I still had (partial repost of yesterday):

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TIL: Learning Python Pandas

Having to learn how to process data for work, so started working with pandas tonight. I’d used it in an online course a while back, but honestly I’ve forgotten everything about it. So I started tonight by taking note of everything that I needed to be able to do and looking into how to do it. Here’s what I learned from my searching.

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TIL: Accessing Request Body from Response using nodejs Request Package

This is one of those things where the answer was so obvious that I spent 2 hours looking for a different answer before finally realizing it was right in front of me all along. For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out if it was possible to access the request content in the response call back when using the request package in nodejs. I thought it would be a pretty common question, but evidently only me and 2 other people have ever asked it (or we’re both just really bad at reading the documentation).

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TIL: Starting with React, Part 3

Today’s lectures introduced how to deal with conditional operators when working with React. The author of the lectures introduced two different ways to use them when rendering things conditionally based on a specific state. While both of the examples were pretty straight forward, the syntax and handling of it all just seems… I don’t know, kind of clunky I guess. Maybe this will be addressed as I go on in the course, but I can see files getting huge with all of these conditional rendering blocks of code.

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TIL: Starting with React, Part 2

More work on my React corse today. Made it through the begining section that covered the rest of the basics and even completed my first react project assignment, ~wooo. Today I’m just going to cover the rest of the notes that I took during the lessons today.

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