TIL: Writing JSON to file with Nodejs pt1

Marking this entry as part one as I don’t have much time tonight to work on this. Today was a break for me. Lots of relaxing and doing other things outside of worring about work or other projects. Much needed.

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TIL: Session Flow

Today marks 28 days in a row of TIL posts. When I started out a month ago, I knew that I wanted to spend a little bit of time each week reflecting on what I’d been doing, and I figured that a blog post would be a great way to capture that. I never expected that I’d be able to keep it up for as long as I have, let alone an entire month. So that’s a pretty crazy accomplishment, one that I’m super proud about.

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TIL: Using Key Values in Express Handlebars

Today I ran into a situation where I wanted to actually print the key of a key value pair instead of just printing out the value itself. To do this, we can take advantage of the @key parameter.

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TIL: Express Query Strings and Handlebar Arrays

I got a chance to work on my side project a little more at work today (though to be fair it’s hardly a side project as it’s going to be used to do actual work), and things are really starting to come together. One of the big things that I got working today involved handling query strings with express.

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TIL: Fat and Why We Hate It

Completely burned out from the work crunch from the last few days, so I took the night off from projects to relax. While relaxing, we watched this interesting video explaining the history of fat and why we hate it. Pretty interesting video that explains all about what fat is, why it’s important, and how we as a society have come to hate it.

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TIL: NodeJS Command Line Args

Once again, don’t really have any time to write tonight. Completely overwhelmed with work, brain is melting. I did learn a neat little trick for reading in command line arguments in Node though, so I guess I’ll share that.

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TIL: Reading from JSON in NodeJS

I don’t have much time as I’m currently working on my main project for work, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about reading in json files in nodejs.

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TIL: Making Requests in NodeJS

Today I finally got requests working from within my node app. I don’t know why I was making this processes so much harder than it needed to be. All of it runs async, all the values can be passed around, and it works just like you would think it would.

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TIL: Intro to Scaling Node Apps

Struggling through some food poisoning today, so I don’t have much to talk about. Before things got too bad, I did do some reading up on how to scale out nodejs applications. My intention for this weekend was to convert one of my python apps for work over to using nodejs and then scale it out, but this illness kind of put a damper on that.

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TIL: Python Benchmarking

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really cared about performance when writing scripts in the past. My main goal is to accomplsh some piece of work. If it takes 5 seconds longer to do it, but it works, that’s totally alright with me. But what about the cases where those extra 5 seconds aren’t okay? I finally played around with benchmarking today in pythong.

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