TIL: Easy Way of Passing Data Between ExpressJS Paths

Learned a neat little trick this morning for passing data between two different paths when using express in a node project. This came up when I was trying to figure out how I’d be able to return data that was retrieved during a form post and move back into the the main index page after redirect.

1 min read

TIL: Launching Python from NodeJS

Continuing work on my side project/project needed for work, I ran into a situation where I needed to kick off a python script from an express and get the output back. Essentially I need python to run a selenium script for me and retrieve a specific piece of data after doing some login stuff. To my surprise, it was easier to get working that writing the selenium script.

1 min read

TIL: Adding VScode to PATH, the easy way

Working on a side project tonight and ran into a problem that I’ve hit many times before: launching vscode from the command line. So many times I’ve wanted to just open a file or folder up in vscode from the command line, but have been too lazy to update my bash file to set it. Today I found out: there’s no need to do that.

~1 min read

TIL: Javascript Basics: Part 8

Still not really feeling it today but still managed to make it through a few more modules. Still just more basic Javascript stuff dealing with the DOM. Lacking motivation so another low effort post today. Starting to feel guilty about all the copy paste.

1 min read

TIL: Javascript Basics: Part 7

More Javascript DOM stuff today, and nothing that’s really that exciting. All of the basic stuff is starting to slow me down, I feel my eyes starting to glaze over again, something that I’d complained about a few weeks back. I think I need to start creating better summary notes as I get done with sections, so that’ll be coming in the next few days.

2 min read

TIL: Javascript Basics: Part 6

I’ve come down with some kind of cold today, not really able to focus like I wanted to this morning. Very short lesson session before heading to lie down. Today was starting with single element selectors, more super basic stuff dealing with DOM items.

1 min read

TIL: Javascript Basics: Part 5

Not really feeling it today so I didn’t get as much done as I would have wanted to. A lot of my learning was project specific to work today, so unfortunately I can’t really share that information. Had a lot to do with security and how we handle users, which was actually pretty neat to learn about.

2 min read

TIL: Javascript Basics: Part 2

Still working my way through the basics/fundamentals sections of my JS course. Lots more review today, but I did pick up a few new methods/functions that I didn’t know about. Just like yesterday, here are my notes from my session today.

4 min read