TIL: Javascript Basics

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m pretty over golang at this point in time. After spinning my wheels for weeks, I wanted to get back into something that I better understand and have some enjoyment working with. So today I decided to go back to working with javascript and start on a course that actually teaches the base language.

4 min read

TIL: My Roadblock with Golang

Rathern than working on new stuff today, I took the time I would have spent learning new stuff to spend some time reflecting on my recent attempt at learning the Go language. It was much overdue, and the conclusion that I came to is slighly disheartening.

3 min read

TIL: Starting with JMeter

So today I took a little detour from my normal every day work to play around with learning JMeter. We’re reaching the home stretch on our project and we really need to start getting the performance testing rolling in our group. Development has already done some of that testing, but we need to have some of our own running.

1 min read

TIL: SQL Outer Joins and Clauses

Today wrapped up the lessons on joining tables and went a bit further into working with clauses (help greatly with writing useful filters). All of this is going to be copy and pasted from my notes for the day, so lets just get into it.

6 min read

TIL: Chaining SQL Inner Joins

Short update for me today as I’ve been dealing with a deadly sinus headache all evening. I did get in some training this morning which covered the concept of chaining inner joins together using SQL queries. This gives the ability to join more than just two tables together, again using the primary and foreign key relationships between the two tables.

2 min read

TIL: Starting with SQL Joins and URL encoding

Today’s a mix of a few different things. I ran into an issue while running some tests at work involving unicode characters that led me down a hole regarding encoding. And after work I spent a bit more time on basic SQL stuff where I learned about doing two different types of joins.

3 min read

TIL: Starting with postgresql

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to get a bit more familiar with postgres before I started trying to work it into a project. Granted doing a project is a great way to learn something new, I felt like actually understanding how the db works before hand would be a bit better than going in completely blind.

2 min read

TIL: Standing up a Postgresql server in docker

The next project I have planned to goof off with deals with handling user authentication and authorization in a REST api. At the same time, I want to give an sql database a try as all I’ve really ever worked with is mongodb. I’d heard great things about postgres, so I figured I’d give that a go. And rather than installing it to my local computer, I decided I’d put my docker training to use and stand it up that way.

1 min read

TIL: Merging git repos

For whatever reason I don’t like having a bunch of small repos under my github account. At the start of learning go I was creating a bunch of little folders for projects and committing them into github. Looking over my page, it was gettin pretty sloppy and hard to tell what was somehting worthwhile that I created and what was just lessons. So I decided I’d do a little house keeping

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