TIL: docker-compose

Finally found some time to work through another section of the Docker course I’m taking. Today was all about docker-compose.yml files and using the docker-compose application for quick deployments. It makes standing things up super quick with just a few configuration files.

2 min read

TIL: Handling Sessions

Tonight was learning more about some theories behind handling sessions in your websites/applications. This continues to build on the lessons from the last few days with cookies.

1 min read

TIL: RAM and XMP Profiles

No time for any lessons tonight, but I needed a break from it anyways. Tonight was all about helping my girlfriend get her new PC put together. It was her first personal build and it was fun to walk through the whole process. And I learned something new along the way!

1 min read

TIL: More about Cookies

Tonights activies were focused on more Go training, all of which was centered around the topic of sessions and state in web apps. So a lot of this again was dealing with cookies, rather than JWT. I’m not sure if JWT hadling will be covered in this course or not, but at least it’s giving me a chance to learn more about cookies.

1 min read

TIL: Consuming Data, Redirects, and Cookies

Worked on some more web development with Go training today, worked through several scenarios worth noting, specifically dealing with data passed in via forms/url, handling redirects, and basic cookie activies

2 min read

TIL: Folders in Jeykl and Docker Images

Today was lowkey, busy with a lot of house work, but I did manage to find a few new things to work on. The first was with my continued learning of Docker and learning about images. The second was a organization activity for Jekyll.

3 min read

TIL: Friday Funday

Day off from work meant it mostly a day of relaxation. Lots of being lazy, falling down Youtube holes, and playing some video games. But I also ended up doing a bit more work with studying Golang.

2 min read

TIL: Batch scripting

Starting back up the blogs with what I had intended to use them for in the first place: Today I Learned notes. This first entry in the series will be covering my first experience with batch scripting.

2 min read

Building Python Lists With Duplicate Records

This is one of those cases that really highlights how intuitive python is. I ran into a scenario where I needed to create a python list composed of multiple instances of the same value. Rather than building this list by hand I thought “surely there’s a better way to be doing this…”. Of course there was.

1 min read

Bundling Python Packages

Making good on one of my new years resolution, I took the time to learn how to bundle Python projects up into nice little distributable packages. Figured I’d write down what I leaned for future me.

1 min read