Setting up nginx

As I mentioned in my last post, I’d fummpled my way through nginx when trying to get my first website deployed. Well, today I tried to get my second site deployed and hit another set of issues, so I figured now was as good a time as any to make a blog post about it.

3 min read

Weekend Update

Pretty productive weekend for me this week, nearly got everything done that I wanted to. After getting some minor fixes into my twitch scraping tool this week, I wanted to move ahead with my overall project and start playing around with html report pages.

1 min read

A Handful of Python Tricks

Different kind of entry today. Trying to keep things relaxed this morning. Working on another Twitch related scraping program that I’m just about done with. Here’s a few things that I had to relean this morning.

1 min read

Python and NoneType: My Constant Battle

As I mentioned before, one of my goals of this blog was to try and get more of the common issues I run into to finally stick. There are some things that I have to look up again, and again, and again, well beyond the point where it would have been benifitial to just learn the damn thing. So today’s post is going to look at one of those things: python and NoneType.

1 min read

Twitch Project Update

Just another minor follow up to the project that I had started yesterday. Not too much to report, but I do have it in a state where it’s ready to be used.

1 min read

New Project: channel stat scraper

Short update as I need to get myself to bed. After feeling overwhelmed/burnt out from all of the front end development I’d ben working through, I decided to take a break and do a fun side project. What I landed on was a bit of a scraping project that will periodically pull statistics from Twitch streamers and store them into some sort of data structure.

1 min read

Resetting Raspberry Pi Password

I’d picked up a pi a few months back thinking it would be a fun little weekend project. After setting it up, setting a static IP, and setting up ssh on my phone, I forgot all about it. Fast forward a few months, and surprise, I couldn’t remember my password (I’d changed from default and of course didn’t write it down).

2 min read

Python virtualenv weirdness

After getting pissed off again trying to work my way through front end (Angular 4…) training the last two days, I finally reached my breaking point and rage quit. Not having any fun, need to take a break and do something that’s actually interesting/enjoyable for me. So I decided that I’d go ahead and work on one of the Python courses I’d also previously picked up. All was well until I hit a point where 1: I needed to install the cv3 image processing; and 2: using global packages with virtualenv.

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