Back to basics: Front end dev

I’ll be honest, I’ve actually never had any sort of training when it comes to front end development. I fumbled around with it when I was a kid many many years ago, and then in college moved straight into C, C++, Java, and then finally Python in the workplace. But it’s always been an interest of mine (part of the reason this site exists). So I’ve been slowly taking an online course to try to finally get stuff nailed down.

2 min read

Fumbling Through Twitch Authentication

Prior to stepping into learning MEAN stack and taking a few extra front end specific online courses, I had been playing around with setting up sanity tests for the API. Tonight I wanted to circle back around to it again and see what I could get done with it.

1 min read

A little jekyll and Javascript

Sick again and busy with work, but I still wanted to take a few minutes to write about what I did learn today. Not a whole not to report on today, just a few things come to mind with regards to jekyll and some Javascript stuff that I did for work.

2 min read

Even More Jekyll

I’ve been sick all weekend so I didn’t have as much energy to spend on learning as I had wanted to. At the very least I was interested in seeing if I couldn’t get the paging system to work, so I decided I’d spend what little remaining time I have this weekend playing around with it.

2 min read

More Jekyll stuff

Spent some more time this morning trying to figure out Jekyll. I’m not sure why they try so hard to hide the functionality from the user. Maybe I’m just bad at reading the documentation…

2 min read