TIL: Spring Boot, pt4

Looks like there’ll be about one more day of working through this tutorial series. There as a lot of info covered today, and rather than trying to force myself to finish, I’m just going to call it quits at a good stopping point.

4 min read

TIL: Spring Boot, pt3

Still working my way through the tutorial. Lots of new concepts for me today, so I didn’t push through as much as I had hoped. But at least I learned a lot! Lots of juicy stuff like introducing me to singletons as well as basic dependency injection. Woo~

3 min read

TIL: Spring Boot, pt2

Spent more time this evening going through the Spring Boot tutorial I had linked last night. Didn’t get as far as I liked, but the coverage so far has been pretty great. I feel like the instructor is doing a good job of explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing, and isn’t afraid to mention that most things are just behind the scenes magic.

2 min read

TIL: Spring Boot, pt1

Started working through a spring boot tutorial today. I’ve got some books in the mail for other related Java stuff but I was itching to get started with something. I’ll be following along with the tutorial that’s located here over the next few days.

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This is more of a Today I (Kinda) Learned post. Starting to feel the burn out from trying to push through problems every day, so I’m going to be giving my mind some rest tonight for the first time in… like months?

~1 min read

TIL: Setting Up Intellij to Work With Exercism Projects

So I’ve been doing all of my Java practice problems without any help from a debugger… like at all. It would have been great to have, but I’ve been getting by without it. Tonight, with some help, I finally have debugger working on these Exercism projects. Before I forget what I did, I’ll be documenting the process.

1 min read

TIL: DateTime in Java

Today was a pretty poor day for me focus wise, so I only got to spend a little bit of time working on exercises. The problem that I worked this evening had to do with datetime, which was my first time working with dates in Java.

1 min read

TIL: Building A Very Basic REST Service With Spring

I was getting a bit antsy today so I wanted to actually walk through a tutorial for building a REST app using the Spring service. After spending a few hours reading through various tutorials and information, I’m even more overwhelmed than I thought I’d be when I started today.

1 min read

TIL: Ternary Expressions in Java

Maybe I’m stupid (or tired) for not just assuming, but I didn’t even think to check if java supported ternary expressions before starting on some of those problems yesterday. Based on feedback from one of the mentors, I now know that Java does indeed support ternary expressions.

~1 min read