TIL: The Double Slit Experiment

Today was a long day of travel for me, so I didn’t really have much energy to sink into any projects or learning something new. Instead, I learned (re-learned?) a neat phenomenon in physics that’s observed during the double slit experiment.

~1 min read

TIL: Setting Up Chromebook For Development

I’ve had a chromebook for a bit over a year now, but I honestly haven’t used it very much. I had bought it with the intention of using it as a beater to bring along with me on trips and use for coding, but it’s pretty much ended up being nothing more than something to do some light internet searching on.

3 min read

TIL: Code Golf

I originally had a completely different topic picked out for tonight, but when I came across Code Golf I just had to change it. This is just too neat not to share.

2 min read

TIL: My First Intro to Sass: Setup

Sass is one of those subjects that I generally know what it is, but have never actually worked with before. I know it’s supposed to provide some pretty nice quality of life items when working with css for your site, but that’s where my knowledge stopped. Today that changes! Let’s get to work.

3 min read

TIL: Making a Background Fill The Page

We ran into a bug at work today when doing some retests. Rather than wait on development to fix the issue, I decided to play around with the code myself and see if I could fix the issue myself.

1 min read

TIL: Redirecting Github Pages to Your Website

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I needed to update my github pages blog to start pointing traffic over to this site instead. I didn’t want to just have a static link sitting on the page that would require someone to click it to be redirected. So I went searching for a solution that would allow me to automatically redirect without any interaction.

1 min read

TIL: Migrating From Github Pages: Planning

After a lot of thought, I decided I wanted to try to bring the blog off of github pages and over to my own hosted solution. I’ve pretty much run out of time this evening to talk through the whole process, but I did want to at least outline what the process looked like for me. I’ll be expanding on this in days to come after I get everything sorted out. Until then, the blog will still be up here, as well as on the new site.

1 min read

TIL: Updating Jekyll Theme

If you hadn’t noticed, the blog got a big makeover today! It was long overdue and I’m pretty excited with how it turned out. Today’s blog post will be talking about that migration and the things that I learned from the migration.

5 min read

TIL: Destructuring JS Objects

Today I sat down to focus on better understanding how to destructure javascript objects to make my code a little bit easier to read/manage. Before this morning, I thought that this technique could only be used with flat lists or objects, not with anything nested. But of course, there’s a way to do it.

3 min read