TIL: Improving My JS Code, pt1

As I posted yesterday, I want to start spending some time focusing on making my code a bit cleaner so that it’s a bit better from the start. So today I’m starting to go back through the best practices document I posted yesterday and start implementing some of what they outline

2 min read

TIL: Improving My JS Code

I’ve been working with Javascript seriously now for about maybe a year or so. And in that time I’ve never actually had any time of code review. So as far as I’m concerned, while my code all seems to work and do what I want it to, it could all be considered to be “terrible” or “wrong”.

~1 min read

TIL: Javascript Object Iteration

I came across an interesting article this morning that talked about various ways in which to handle iterating over object in javascript. Both of these methods were foreign to me and it turned out to be a great read.

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TIL: What are cousins?

This is a bit of cheat as I actually learned this yesterday, but today was a pretty foggy day. VSauce did a great video explaining what cousins actually are and how the relationships work.

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TIL: Clean Way of Resetting NodeJS Console

This issue has haunted me for over a week now. Just when I thought I’d figured out the answer, I found more problems with the solution. But I’ve finally stumbled across an answer that’s exactly what I wanted.

~1 min read

TIL: Random Stuff, vol 1

Bit of a mixed bag here today, all based on the work I’ve been doing this morning with my side projects ute and ute-visor. Made some good progress and hit a few roadblocks I had to work through.

2 min read

TIL: Unique Array in JS

Today I finally needed to make a unique array in javascript. For some reason I’ve never had to do that until today… go figure.

~1 min read

TIL: Quick rounding in JS

In the past I’d always used the Math.round() function with floor and such to handle rounding to decimal places, turns out there’s a much simpler way of doing it…

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TIL: The correct way of adding text to an element

My work with javascript over the last two days has led me to finally learning how to manipulate the DOM with javascript on the client side. I think my entire last project was all server side rendered, so I didn’t have to worry about any of that kind of stuff. But now that my ute-visor project relies on updating the page based on passed data through the socket, I’m having to finally learn it.

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