TIL: Using css with handlebars

In order to import a css file into a handlebars project in nodejs, there’s one small thing that’s required to be done before the file will be accessible from the template files.

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TIL: Back to Learning Mongo, pt6

Today’s lessons were pretty bad. Very frustrated with the class that I’ve been taking. Reached the halfway point where I’m ready to just drop it as I don’t feel like it’s really providing me anymore. Feel like I’m still having to google for answers on basic things WITHIN the course itself.

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TIL: Back to Learning Mongo, pt4

The “mongo” lessons continue. I use quotes because this course has become everything but mongo. On the plus side I’m feeling pretty confident about using promises, async/await, and mocha now!

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TIL: Back to Learning Mongo, pt3

Today concluded the basic mongo operations section with mongoose portion of the course I’m working on. Today basically covered all of the various ways that a record can be updated, either using the instance itself or using the model to make the changes.

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TIL: Back to Learning Mongo, pt2

Still working through the early sections of this mongo course. It’s really less of a course on mongodb, and more of a course on how to use mongoose with nodejs. Not that I really mind, but I would have been pretty upset if I’d bought this course to learn more about actual mongo and not about how to use it with a web application.

4 min read

TIL: Back to Learning Mongo

I bought this Udemy course on mongodb nearly a year ago. Based on my completion history, evidently I got about a 3rd of the way through it before quitting and moving on to something else. Considering how much the course focuses on nodejs, I’d assume I probably went and started working on courses that covered node and javascript in general (even knowing what I do now, there’s still some advanced topics being covered).

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TIL: Connecting an S3 bucket to EC2 instance

So one of the things that came up yesterday afternoon while working with getting the symbolic links and public folder setup was storing my files off on an s3 instances instead of trying to store it all on the image. I’d had the thought about it before, but never really had the time to sit down and dive into what all that involves. So today I spent a bit of time researching what all has to be done to get up and running with S3 bucket in an EC2 instance.

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